About IFID

Who we are

We are a London based, non for profit organization, started in 1994 to foster modern and progressive voices within
Islam. With a vision to promote intellectual enlightenment, social progress and economic prosperity, we believe in reform through education as a critical path towards a better future for the Middle East and North Africa. Alongside our 19 partners in the region, we have mentored hundreds of young social actors and nurtured tens of civil centres and groups to prepare them for the opportunities and the challenges of the 21st century. Through our unique civic education programme known as ‘’ Success in Changing World/SCW’’ we have been enabling and motivating the young generations to engage in local reforms in the Arab world and other Muslim communities around the globe.

SCW National Bootcamp in Morocco & Jordan, SCW National Campaign in Sudan

SCW National Bootcamp in Iraq & SCW National Campaign in Jordan & Morocco

AAEME Launched

SCW National Campaign commenced in Iraq

SCW Regional Training Tour

SCW Launched in Babel/Iraq & Jordan

Success 21 Network first meeting, laying out the foundations

Success 21 Network first meeting, laying out the foundations

The International Forum for Islamic Dialogue was founded as a non-profit organisation based in London/UK

What is our mission?

We strive to actualize our vision through quality
education; an education that has the human’s right in a
dignified life in the heart of its approach, an education
that believes in our agency on earth, our free will and our
ultimate capabilities to master the universe.

What is our Vision?

We envisage stable, peaceful, prosperous and
democratic Muslim societies that add a unique value to
the development of human civilization.



Hajar Alkuhtany is IFID’s Executive Director since 2011; under which she led the development of a successful civic education manual known as ‘SCW’’. She also led the establishment of 19 local training centres in MENA. Co-founder and chairperson of the regional network SN21 a Jordan based, ‘’Youth Empowerment’’ NGO, Alkuhtany mentors young leaders for the SN21 initiatives, co-produces project concepts and mobilises regional and international support to its vision. She is a trustee at the Arab Association of Enlightened Muslim Educators (AAEME) and the editor of its periodical ‘The Enlightened – Altanweeri’. From 2004 to 2007, Hajar worked at the Iraqi prime minister’s office, as a senior employee, where she witnessed the gradual derailment to violence and corruption. She left Baghdad deeply convinced that democracy starts at the local level. Her direct involvement with MENA youth groups preceded and accompanied the turbulent transitions of the “Arab spring”, which led to a rich first-hand exposure to the challenges that face democracy in today’s traditional social setups. Prior to this, Alkuhtany was an editor at “Alquds Al-Arabi’’, a London based Arabic daily newspaper.

“Those who are not inspired cannot inspire! “



Yasser is an accomplished expert with a background in leadership and management positions within governmental and corporate sectors, whose broad experience ranges from major global banks to local government departments. As a leading business change analyst, Yasser witnessed firsthand the challenges that youth in the Middle East face when entering the labour market, and since then, has through his role with IFID sought to enable the new generation of MENA with indispensable skills and tools to succeed. Building a nurturing environment, with a possibility to grow and produce, has been one of Yasser’s primary targets since joining the organisation in 2011. Some of his responsibilities include supporting the network leadership in developing and implementing the long-term strategies of the organisation; leading the local team in the UK; and directing regional partner teams in MENA. In addition to this, he maintains full authority to act on behalf of the Executive Director in her absence, as well as representing the organisation through its digital presence.

“Fix the rocky route before operating the vehicle”



As an accomplished journalist with an extensive career ranging in the corporate and commercial sphere, Yusra has devotedly sought to bring justice and equal rights for the underprivileged members of society through media. Yusra has dedicated her efforts to equip the forgotten youth with skills and awareness to rise from their oppression. Her main responsibilities as a funding manager involve directing the regional teams in effectively executing workshops, training and expansion of the network. In addition to this, Yusra is responsible for securing IFID’s financial independence.

“We each have a fire in us that, when ignited, can culminate tremendous change”



Kauther is experienced in finance, with a background in Business Management. Since joining IFID in 2008, Kauther has dedicated her skills and expertise to handle the financial requirements of the organisation. Kauther is also IFID’s part time administrator.



Nour is passionate about social structures, social reform and education; particularly about the way these interplay with power relations in society. She graduated with a degree in Sociology and Human Rights, and joined IFID in spring 2018 as an assistant to the executive director.

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